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Graphic Query Window

The Graphic Query window is used to query your database without having to write any SQL. You design your queries graphically. Tables are opened and columns are displayed. Joining two tables together requires just 3 clicks of the mouse.

SQL Query Tool Graphic Query Window

In the image above, the query builder is in join mode (look at the third toolbar button). What this does is let's you click on a column in one table, then a column in another table. Doing this creates a graphical join, i.e. the red line with the equal sign attached to it.

To add columns to your SELECT list, make sure that join mode is turned off (the third toolbar button should not be toggled). Click the column(s) that you want to select within a table. Selected columns will appear in the Select tab at the bottom of the screen. In this tab, you can change the order that the columns will be retrieved by draging column up or down.

The functionality of a given tab is best described by the tab name:
    - Select
    - Compute
        - Allows you to add computed expressions to your query.
           E.g. Count(*) or LastName + ', ' FirstName
    - Where
    - Group By
        - Drag columns from the left to the right side.
    - Having
    - Order By
        - Change the order of columns by dragging up or down.
    - Syntax
        - Displays the generated SELECT statement.

SQL Query Tool Graphic Query Window Where Tab

SQL Query Tool Download
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QweryBuilder is an SQL Editor and Query Tool. Its purpose is to make accessing information from a database simple, quick, accurate and efficient.

Work with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

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